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4 Tips In Choosing A Perfect Wedding Theme

September 27, 2020

4 Tips In Choosing A Perfect Wedding Theme

No great weddings are planned in a night. As the groom and bride, you and your partner have to consider a lot of things. Among these things is your wedding theme.


But are wedding themes required and important? You are the only one who can answer this question by assessing yourself thoroughly. But considering our culture as Filipinos, there are very few people who would not consider a cohesive look for special occasions especially weddings.

So how do you create a unified wedding theme that envisions your dream wedding in Tagaytay? There are lots of ideas all over magazines and social media that choosing one seem difficult.

Here are some tips to help you and your partner choose the perfect wedding theme.

Think Of Your Wedding Reception Venue

You do not have to book or reserve your desired wedding reception just yet. In choosing your wedding theme, you simply have to identify what type of space is your wedding reception venue.

For garden weddings in Tagaytay, you can choose a simple wedding theme that accentuates the beautiful landscape.


For indoor weddings such as pavilions and halls, try considering the design and structure of the venue. An events space that features industrial architecture would go well with contemporary and art deco wedding themes. Meanwhile, try incorporating elegant and opulent wedding themes at events spaces that boast baroque structures and vintage fixtures.


Narrow Down Your Preferences

Sit down as a couple and visualize what your dream wedding looks like. List down the things you would want to see on your wedding day in Tagaytay.

Identify your favorite colors. What color occupies each of your closets? What color of nail polish does the soon-to-be bride is sporting? Do you support any sports team? What is their color? Color plays a vital role in identifying a wedding theme so choose wisely.


However, do not be swayed by the season. Let go of obvious color combinations for the season. For example, Christmas weddings doesn't always have to look like cold and winterish. You can choose whether you dress the season with your wedding or allow the season to decorate your special day. Either way, it would be your choice and nothing should allow you to not bring it to life.

Customize and Personalize

Looking back at your wedding with your photos is surely an enjoyable past time. It would be better if you can both say to yourselves that your wedding was like no other weddings you saw in social media or have attended.


That would only be achievable if you will stay away from trends. With the advent of Internet and social media, what is trending is usually what has the most views and shares. Trending does not always equate to what is the best for the both of you as the couple. Trust your taste and preferences in choosing a wedding theme.

So should you ditch checking out pictures from the Internet? Of course not! Instead of recreating what exactly is on trending social media pages, you can incorporate your own taste. That would make your wedding timeless and classic while still adding personal flavors on your big day.

Co-Create Your Dream Tagaytay Wedding With An Expert

Just the thought of planning your wedding is nerve-wracking and might induce anxiety. You really need assistance from the best wedding stylist to pull off your dream wedding in Tagaytay.


Town's Delight is the one for you. They have been co-creating lots of memorable and beautiful weddings in Metro Tagaytay for over 40 years already. They have an enthusiastic and attentive team who would love to talk with you about your wedding ideas.

Your special wedding in Tagaytay is waving. Wave back now and see it come alive with the help of Town's Delight Catering & Events.

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