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Towns Delight - The Las Piñas Caterer
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Las Piñas Food Catering Information
Las Piñas city do have many food delicacies and variety of really delectable dishes. That is why, there are so many food caterers and food service providers emerge from this city. Although there are lots of them, only few are being widely chosen by the folks residing and even those who are outside the Las Pinas City.

Las Piñas Accredited Caterers
Las Piñas Caterer - Towns Delight The Caterer - First in the list of those accredited and really amazing food service provider and/or caterer in Las Pinas is no other than the Towns Delight The Caterer. Towns Delight is one of those food service provider who has earned they reputation of being a Las Pinas Caterer. Below is an excerpt of Towns Delight history and success history.

Las Piñas Catering Venues

From the genius behind Fernwood Gardens comes the much larger garden wedding venue in the South, Fernbrook Gardens. From the outside it is such a massive structure, with beautiful glass panes, and glorious finishing all around, it definitely is one of the ultimate wedding venues in the Philippines.

Inside there is a massive atrium that welcomes guests into 4 venues, though I wouldn't call the venues gardens exactly, becuase the floors are finished with indoor tiles and the only hints of greenery are sparsely spread on the sides. The ceiling is full of beautiful white drapes cascading down from the center, which sort of looks like a giant cozy matress, the entire place really is very easy on the eyes. For an extra fee a horse-drawn carriage is available for a more grand entrance and perhaps the most unique part is there is also a gondola, which can ferry newlyweds to their venue via the man-made canal which also divides the venues from the chapel.

Now, obviously this sort of class does not come cheap, but if you can afford it, its well worth your hard-earned cash, you have to hurry though as getting a booking with them is really difficult and it is recommended that you make your reservation at least 18 months before your wedding.

Residential area of Las Piñas
The largely residential area of Las Piñas has a variety of subdivisions and villageswhere most middle class and upper class families important occasions are served by Town’s Delight The Caterer. Some prominent subdivisions and villages in the city include the Philamlife Village, Martinville Subdivision, Versailles, Equitable Village, Moonwalk Village, Pilar Village, Angela Village, Ayala Southvale, Cittadella Executive Village, Doña Manuela subdivision, Las Piñas Royale, and Teresa Park

The most affluent of all the gated communities found in Las Piñas are BF Resort Village, BF International Las Piñas, and Bf Homes Almanza. These subdivisions were developed by the same company that had developed the prestigious BF Homes in Parañaque. These three subdivisions are the residence of choice of most upper class and upper-middle class families. The retail shops, eating establishments, churches, and schools found within these areas makes them virtually self-contained communities. This adds to their appeal as the most prime residential neighborhood in the city.

Las Piñas Short History and City Information
Although Las Piñas City is 20 kilometers from the heart of the City of Manila, it has been swallowed up by the huge urban sprawl that is Metro Manila. Nonetheless, the city has kept its own individual character and remains to be the favored stop of visitors because of its attractions that are unique and distinctly Filipino.

The Bamboo Organ: This rare and unique musical instrument can be found inside the St, Joseph Church of the Parish of Las Piñas. Fr. Diego Cera, its first parish priest, constructed the organ in 1824 using hundreds of bamboo poles that he buried in the beach sand for one year so that these will resist termite infestations. The organ is admired not only for its construction, but for its melodious sound as well. Ancient though it is, the organ is still working and is still in use up to this day. That is why it becomes the center of attention when the city celebrates the Bamboo Organ Festival during the month of February which attracts many music artists all over the world.

Sarao Jeepney Factory: Dubbed as the “King of the Road,” the ubiquitous jeepneys that ply the roads of Metro Manila and in the provinces are a testament to the ingenuity of the Filipino. Las Piñas is the acknowledged jeepney producing center of the country, and the Sarao Jeepney Factory owned by Leonardo Sarao is the recognized pioneer and leader in the industry. Your trip to Metro Manila will not be complete without visiting this vehicle assembly plant located along Padre Diego Cera Ave., Pulanglupa to witness how these works of art on four wheels are made.

Salt Beds: The distinction “Salt Center of Metro Manila” used to be held by Las Piñas—until the construction of the Coastal Road and land reclamation project in Manila Bay severely affected the industry. However, through the initiatives of local government leaders, the salt beds of Las Piñas were restored giving visitors the chance to see the traditional method of salt-making and harvesting the way the people in this historic place have been doing it for the past two centuries.