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Bohemian Weddings in Tagaytay

September 28, 2020

Bohemian Weddings in Tagaytay

Bohemian weddings are much trendy these days. Many couples have seen this wedding theme an avenue for them to express their romanticism, creativity, and individuality.


For the groom and bride of a bohemian wedding, they can explore many ideas and concepts that accentuate free-spiritedness or even draw influences and inspiration from hippie culture. Couples can embrace the idea of bohemian weddings to a full extent, from wardrobe, to styling the event, or by just incorporating the style with subtlety in their event with simple touches.

Get inspired with these simple wedding ideas to get your Tagaytay bohemian wedding started.

Event Styling For Your Bohemian Wedding In Tagaytay

Here are some practical tips and ideas to help you get started in preparing for your bohemian wedding in Tagaytay.

Start off with your stationery. Allow your guests to have a glimpse of how the wedding would look like by giving hints through your invitation. Incorporate bohemian designs on your wedding invitation such as dream catchers and feathers.


Instead of the traditional red carpet, you can line up boho-chic vintage rugs along the aisle. This way, the bride can really have that bohemian feel while walking towards the altar during the wedding march.


God's eye is another unique bohemian piece you can include in your wedding. Create these lovely pieces or try to shop for these online and instead of tucking them on walls, you can hang god's eyes on trees or over the arches. You can also hang woven yarn ornaments and small wood structures to create a whimsical ambiance at your wedding reception venue.


Try decorating the floor as well. If you opt to have an indoor wedding, look for vinyl decals in the shape of a feather that can be stamped on the floor. If you can find other vinyl decals that has bohemian influences, you can utilize those as well.


For centerpieces, check out succulents, lovely greens and blooming flowering plants on terracotta pots.


Catering Service For Bohemian Weddings In Tagaytay

Choose food that is not only tasty but also reflects the free-spirited vibe of the wedding. The cuisines at the wedding also carves a distinct memory on the minds of the guests so make sure that it really counts.


For professional event styling and wedding catering needs, go for the best in all of Tagaytay with Town's Delight.

Town's Delight Catering & Events has been bringing joy to many weddings. Co-create your Tagaytay bohemian wedding with Town's Delight now and make your event simply delightful.

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