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Ideal Garden Wedding Venues in Tagaytay

September 28, 2020

Ideal Garden Wedding Venues in Tagaytay

Over the years, the wedding industry has witnessed and experienced numerous changes from themes, fashion, venues, and receptions. As for wedding venues, more and more couples now opt for the outdoors such as beaches, mountainside, cliffs, and gardens.


Among these outdoor wedding venues, many soon-to-wed couples see gardens as an ideal wedding venue. Gardens provide a relaxing atmosphere to almost everyone. It reconnects the human senses to nature. Gardens serve as haven and respite for busy individuals. Many couples also want to incorporate this idea of calmness and serenity in their weddings.

If you are looking for garden event spaces to hold your wedding, Tagaytay in Cavite has a lot to offer. With its cool and breezy climate, Tagaytay is a home for some of the best gardens in the south of Manila. Gardens in this cool city are also within a short drive from the bustling Philippine capital.

Here are some of the ideal garden wedding venues within Metro Tagaytay which you can check out for yourself.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at Clear Water House

Clear Water House welcomes you to a tranquil respite in Tagaytay. It has open garden spaces ideal for weddings and special occasions.

This property offers an outdoor space for an intimate garden wedding with family members and some of your closest friends. Feast your eyes with the surrounding landscape or the captivating views of Taal Volcano Lake at this wedding reception venue.


Clear Water House in Tagaytay can also accommodate your big wedding reception at their spacious garden. This wedding reception venue can accommodate up to 350 guests and provides full panoramic views of Taal Volcano Lake.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at Balai Taal

Feel the calm brought by the relaxing ambiance of the nature at Balai Taal in Tagaytay. This property provides an open garden space that provides spectacular views of the surrounding Tagaytay landscape.


Balai Taal in Tagaytay can cater up to 200 wedding guests making it a suitable garden wedding venue.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at Narra Hill

Narra Hill hosts a unique garden wedding in Tagaytay. This property features a beautiful and one-of-a-kind indoor function hall or pavilion. The pavilion at Narra Hill is surrounded by lush greeneries. It also has double height glass windows allowing guests to marvel before the surrounding nature and be captivated by the overlooking sight of Taal Volcano Lake.


Narra Hill welcomes 200 guests to its opulent premises for a pristine wedding reception in Cavite.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at Abagatan Ti Manila

Abagatan ti Manila invites visitors and soon-to-wed couples in its calming garden events space in Tagaytay City. This property in Tagaytay welcomes guests to a laid-back and cozy atmosphere.


Abagatan ti Manila has an open garden suitable for your stylish Tagaytay wedding reception venue for up to 150 visitors.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at The Veranda at Bella Rosa Farm

Feel closer to nature and to your loved when you exchange vows at The Veranda at Bella Rosa Farm in Silang, which is still within Metro Tagaytay. This property in the south features an expansive and sprawling four-hectare flower farm flooded with plush greens, blooming flora, and beautiful landscapes.


The Veranda at Bella Rosa Farm in Metro Tagaytay makes for an ideal wedding reception venue with its open garden events space that is suitable for 200 persons.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at Leanel's Garden Tagaytay

Leanel’s Garden in Tagaytay caters to all occasions, especially garden weddings, reception luncheons and dinners, birthdays and corporate parties. It boasts of artistically landscaped gardens and water features – ponds, fountains, and an infinity pool – truly a breath of fresh air amidst the hustle and bustle of Tagaytay City.


It has a rustic-inspired Glass Pavilion which can accommodate 150 persons, perfect for indoor functions. For intimate or big gatherings, a garden ceremony wedding and reception is ideal for you where you can choose among the Courtyard, Zen Garden or Reception Garden.

Leanel’s Garden is truly the perfect venue of choice for your milestone celebrations. It is a haven where you can feel most at home, where you can enjoy, celebrate, experience, and share priceless moments with your loved ones in style. Leanel’s Garden offers only the best quality and affordable services, making your dream wedding a reality.

Tagaytay Garden Weddings at Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort

Treat your wedding guests with calmness and serenity when you say your “I do” at Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort in Tagaytay. The beautiful sprawling greeneries at this property makes for a delightful respite especially for guests who have been toiling amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.


Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort provides a beautiful open garden space for your wedding reception venue in Tagaytay. It can cater up to 200 persons.

Ideal Event Styling For Your Blooming Garden Wedding In Tagaytay

Thinking of a theme for a garden wedding is not that tricky since the venue itself provides the ambiance and atmosphere of the wedding. What the groom and bride can do is to accentuate the next-to-nature vibe at their chosen wedding reception venue in Tagaytay.


For expert help in styling your dream wedding, ask assistance from Town's Delight Catering & Events. They can turn your simple and random garden wedding ideas into an opulent and stylish event that would surely be memorable.

Catering Service For Your Elegant Garden Wedding In Tagaytay

Foods in a garden wedding should reflect the ambiance of the reception venue. You can incorporate finger food that also serve as comfort food to reflect the cozy atmosphere at the garden wedding.


For excellent dining services, trust the cooking at Town's Delight Catering & Events. With over 40 years of experience in the wedding catering industry, they are sure to highlight happy moments into delightful ones especially your garden wedding in the cool city of Tagaytay.

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