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Instagram-Worthy Wedding Venues in Tagaytay by Town's Delight

September 28, 2020

Instagram-Worthy Wedding Venues in Tagaytay

The advent of social media has influenced us in many ways. It has become a trend-setter in many fields from foods we eat, restaurants we dine in, places we visit, and even clothes we wear.

Even the wedding industry is affected by social media. Different social media pages and influencers have created a following amongst themselves to promote different wedding trends, venues, and clothing.


One of the mostly used social media site among Filipinos is Instagram. With the continuous patronage and use of Instagram among many individuals, there is no doubt that there are people who are influenced by the social media site. Many Filipinos are now considering Instagram-worthy wedding venues when choosing a location where to tie the knot especially in the ideal setting of Tagaytay in Cavite.

Are you looking for picture perfect and Instagram-worthy wedding venues in Tagaytay? Check out the list below.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at HillCreek Gardens in Tagaytay

This Tagaytay property provides an air-conditioned function hall and an open garden.


What sets this property apart is that it is surrounded by scenic landscapes and tropical floras making your dream Tagaytay wedding truly romantic. HillCreek Gardens in Tagaytay can accommodate weddings of up to 300 visitors.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at Alta Veranda De Tibig in Tagaytay

Alta Veranda de Tibig treats holidaymakers and wedding guests to old world charm with its Spanish-Filipino architectural design. It offers an air-conditioned function hall, an open function hall, and an open garden.


The vintage yet romantic abstract design at Alta Veranda de Tibig Tagaytay makes for a very romantic ambiance while in the city. This Tagaytay wedding reception venue can hold weddings and events of up to 300 pax.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at Narra Hill in Tagaytay

Narra Hill has a spacious pavilion surrounded by a beautiful garden. The pavilion also features double height glass windows that opens to breathtaking views of the Taal Volcano Lake.


This property in Tagaytay welcomes guests to serene and tranquil environment that is sure to relax one's senses and consciousness. Narra Hill Tagaytay makes for a magical and solemn wedding reception venue that has to accommodate up to 200 persons.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay

Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay features artistically landscaped gardens and water fixtures such as ponds, fountains, and an infinity pool. Couples will definitely have fun with their wedding pictorial at this Tagaytay wedding recption venue.


Tagaytay Leanel's Garden has an air-conditioned reception pavilion. It can accommodate smaller indoor wedding receptions. This wedding reception venue can cater to 100-150 wedding guests.

For larger weddings, check out the garden reception at Leanel's Garden. It can accomodate up to 200-300 guests.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at Clear Water House in Tagaytay

Located along Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Clear Water House in Tagaytay is an easy drive for tourists from the bustling capital of the country. Guests from Manila find respite at this ancestral place turned ideal relaxation space and wedding reception venue. These then allows the property to provide uplifting atmosphere for the body, mind and soul.


Clear Water House Tagaytay offers an outdoor space for a dream intimate garden wedding with immediate family and close friends. This Tagaytay wedding reception venue also features captivating views of the Taal Volcano Lake.

Soon-to-wed lovers who are planning to have a larger wedding reception find Clear Water House Tagaytay ideal. It offers another garden wedding reception venue that can accommodate 350 guests. Visitors at this wedding can feast their eyes at the breathtaking full panoramic views of Taal Volcano Lake.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at The Forest Barn in Tagaytay

The Forest Barn features an old English barn set in the midst of a quiet forest in Metro Tagaytay. This six-acre property of lurching hills and valleys is situated in Kaysuyo, Alfonso.

Forest Barn in Tagaytay has a tavern basement. Couples can conduct intimate weddings at this wedding reception venue with immediate family and closest friends.


Tagaytay Forest Barn features a barn, thus the name of this wedding venue. This property in Kaysuyo, Alfonso boasts a big red barn nestled in the midst of towering canopies of trees.

The Barn at Forest Barn in Tagaytay has a high cathedral ceiling adorned with aurora borealis chandeliers and dramatic drapings. Moreover, it also has a huge door as well as rustic walls and windows that makes up for a picturesque yet romantic wedding venue in Tagaytay.

Instagram-Worthy Weddings at Fernwood Gardens in Tagaytay

For a posh wedding reception venue in Metro Tagaytay, check out Fernwood Gardens.

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay is situated in Barangay Neogan near the ridge above Taal Lake. It features a plush five hectare estate with beautifully landscaped gardens suitable for large and grand weddings in Tagaytay.


This property welcomes wedding visitors to a panoramic royal garden landscape and fresh ambiance. Views of Taal Volcano and the lake can also be expected at this Tagaytay property.

Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay hosts three spacious indoor garden venues that exude luxury and style. These wedding reception venues include Mozart Garden, Vivaldi Garden, and Schubert Garden.

Instagram-worthy weddings at Red Barn Kitchen in Tagaytay

Red Barn Kitchen along Smokey Hill Drive in Tagaytay features an intimate wedding space.


This property feautures a stunning red barn which serves as a stunning indoor wedding reception venue. It has a high ceiling which allows for a light and airy ambiance inside.

Top It Off with Event Styling and Catering from A Wedding Expert

Now that you have already chosen your Instagram-worthy wedding reception venue in Tagaytay, you have to partner it with opulent event styling and scrumptious cuisines to complete your wedding day.


If you are seeking expert help in terms of event styling and catering, you should have Town's Delight as your number one choice.

Town's Delight Catering & Events has been in the wedding industry for over 40 years and has co-created many happy beginnings with elegant and magical weddings.

Do not just make your wedding Instagram worthy. Make it momentous and magnificent with Town's Delight.

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