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Lea & Jonathan's Tie The Knot

October 14, 2019

Who thought someone you'd come across unexpected places would be the one whom you will spend the rest of your life with?


A love story which started 6 years ago had grown into this strong and ever growing love such as Jonathan & Lea's. They may be apart for a few years due to work, but despite making it a hindrace, it became a cornerstone for them to build their lasting relationship forever.


As their best woman's speech stated:

"I’ve known Jonathan since we were schoolmates during our elementary and highschool days back then. But we became close during our college years. And I should be talking today about what a great guy he is, so I can honestly say that he is handsome, brilliant, nerdy, funny, bubbly and really has distinct flavor in terms of food and beverages.

Since we first met, I have seen his transformation from a cutie patootie kid who loves to compete playing chess to a guy who loves to explore and have adventures together with his wife, Lea.

One of the first things I remember him telling me, and every other person he spoke to that always believe and in yourself and that you can make it through achieving your goals and dreams. Especially when i tell him how burned out and stressed I get. He would just say, tara Ramen o di kaya. Tara milk tea. Haha. Comfort foods yeah.

I can see the faces of the family and guests that everyone in here are all delighted to be part of this special occasion. And i would like to mention the one very important person missing from this top table and that is Jonathan's Dad. However, I’m sure that he would be so proud to see his boy finally become a man and marry someone who makes him so very happy and loved.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here today without Lea and her ability to do what Jonathan failed to do, and that is true love comes to the person who patiently waited when Jonathan was still in New Zealand. I often think that Lea makes Jonathan look good which is a difficult task I know, but she manages this simply by standing next to him. Lea I’d like to take this opportunity to say how beautiful you look today.

I wish the 2 of you a long and happy marriage together. Lea I know Jonathan has a soft and loving side for you. I know that you will both make each other very happy and you are everything that he needs.

Just please try and look after him as he struggles to look after himself.

So everyone, please raise your glasses to the bride and groom, congratulations!”"





Lea's review of their personalized reception:

Thank you thank you po for the beautiful set up on our wedding day!!! Lahat po sila ngandahan and ang food po sarap na sarap po sila hehehe. We really appreciate your presence also last sunday!!



Check out their video made by Happy Thoughts!