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Weddings at The Forest Barn by Town's Delight Catering & Events

September 28, 2020

Rustic Weddings at The Forest Barn Tagaytay

Tagaytay weddings are known for its scenic views which serve as breathtaking backdrops for great selfies and portraits. Also known for its cool climate, Tagaytay makes for cozy weddings even under sunny skies.


A typical wedding in Tagaytay features lush greenery with picturesque views of Taal Volcano Lake. But if you want something unique yet still captures the Tagaytay vibe in your wedding, you can check out The Forest Barn.

Tie the knot at Forest Barn Tagaytay

Forest Barn features an old English barn set in the midst of a quiet forest in Metro Tagaytay. This six-acre property of lurching hills and valleys is situated in Kaysuyo, Alfonso.


Couples seeking an ideal wedding venue to conduct their weddings away from the hubbub of metropolitan life find respite at The Forest Barn. This wedding venue is also a few minutes away from the center of Tagaytay.

The Forest Barn Tagaytay hosts an array of amenities to aid couples in setting up their dream wedding.


This wedding venue in Tagaytay has a commercial grade kitchen where food for the reception can be prepared.

A bridal suite and guest room are also available on site that can serve as a holding area for the couple and their visitors before the wedding ceremony.

Forest Barn in Tagaytay also provides a spacious parking space for the convenience of the wedding guests.

This wedding reception venue also provides various on-site scenic locations that makes for beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos.


As for the locations to conduct the wedding or hold the reception, Forest Barn showcases wedding reception venues suitable for any type of weddings. These wedding reception venues include a tavern basement, a barn, and a gazebo.

The Tavern Basement at Forest Barn Tagaytay

Forest Barn in Tagaytay has a tavern basement. Couples can conduct intimate weddings at this wedding reception venue with immediate family and closest friends.


The Barn at Forest Barn Tagaytay

Tagaytay Forest Barn features a barn, thus the name of this wedding venue. This property in Kaysuyo, Alfonso boasts a big red barn nestled in the midst of towering canopies of trees.


The Barn at Forest Barn in Tagaytay has a high cathedral ceiling adorned with aurora borealis chandeliers and dramatic drapings. Moreover, it also has a huge door as well as rustic walls and windows that makes up for a picturesque yet romantic wedding venue in Tagaytay.

Rustic Wedding Theme at Forest Barn Tagaytay

Maximize the ambiance of The Forest Barn in Tagaytay that exudes for your wedding theme. Go all vintage and rustic at this wedding reception venue in Tagaytay.

Couples can utilize few ornaments as possible since the wedding venue itself emanates rustic glory and magnificence already. Make everything simple, crisp, and fresh from ornaments to attire and decorations.


Since the Forest barn is situated in the midst of tranquil Tagaytay forest, couples can opt for an "unplugged wedding". The bride and the groom can ask the guests to shut off their mobile phones and cameras to maintain the solemnity of the event.

For your events styling needs, ask for help from the leading wedding themes analyst and creator in Tagaytay -- Town's Delight Catering & Events.

Town's Delight is sure to deliver every desired ambiance, decor, and vibe of every couple at their weddings at The Forest Barn in Tagaytay.

Wedding Catering at Forest Barn Tagaytay

Foods served at a rustic wedding at The Forest Barn in Tagaytay have to be comfort food and everything that speaks of countryside.


Garlic bread rolls or tasty loaves oozing with aromatic herbs are great appetizers while guests are transitioning from the wedding ceremony to the reception proper at The Forest Barn in Tagaytay. A vegetable salad with items freshly harvested can maximize the barn vibe of the wedding reception venue.

For the meat, feature everyone's favorite lechon with its matching creamy and tasty gravy.

In terms of gastronomic needs, check out the Town's Delight menu for mouth-watering treats for you and your guests. Make your wedding at The Forest Barn Tagaytay special with selected delectable food items prepared by Town's Delight.


The Forest Barn invites soon-to-wed couples to check out their property. Couples can experience first-hand the stillness of the surroundings while listening to the sounds made by birds, crickets and other tame forest animals.

Visit The Forest Barn in Kaysuyo, Alfonso and allow Town's Delight Catering & Events to create the wedding of your dreams in Tagaytay.

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