"TDTC: Creating Delightful Memories in time of COVID"

Caterers and the events industry has been highly impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic which took us all by surprise.

TDTC, as creative as we are for innovating catering menu and styling events, is also as creative in our efforts to cater and bring to your homes delightful celebrations while exercising safety and precautions.

TDTC has released "to-go" menu and party bundles that varies from serving 4 to 10 persons while not suffering quality and affordability. It is our pleasure to bring to your homes your pre-loved TDTC food cravings with adding more flavors for your taste palate to try on.

It is even more delightful to inform you that your deliveries are prepared with utmost safety and care. TDTC follows the safety protocols of regularly disinfecting the work premises and food preparation area, observing social distancing among employees, requiring wearing of masks and body covers, monitoring temperatures and whereabouts of our employees.

As this pandemic creates distasteful events in our lives, allow TDTC to restore and renew delightful memories with your loved ones shared over your all time favorite end even more improved TDTC flavors.

We sincerely hope that we all continue to choose happy in the small moments this season of life brings us and we come out stronger, wiser and more thankful for it.