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Wedding Packages in Tagaytay

Preparing for weddings can be a tedious task for couples. Usually, couples are also professionals who are working together for their future.

Wedding preparations might be hard but services are already available these days to help couples prepare for their big day.


For a special wedding in Tagaytay, hire the help of Town's Delight Catering & Events. They specialize in wedding and they have an amazing team that aims to brighten your wedding day.

Check out the amazing packages they have and then choose a perfect venue where you can hold your wedding. Here are some wedding venues Town's Delight Catering & Events has ties with.

Hotel Kimberly

Hotel Kimberly invites couples to hold their dream wedding at their property. This hotel in Tagaytay features an air-conditioned function hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests.


Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay makes for an ideal wedding reception venue as it offers a serene environment within a cool city.

Garden Gazebo Events Place

Garden Gazebo Events Place in Tagaytay City welcomes the bride and groom to a spacious wedding reception venue. This property in Tagaytay offers a function hall for 200 persons appropriate for indoor wedding receptions.


Garden Gazebo Events Place Tagaytay has beautiful gardens as well.

Farm Hills Garden

Farm Hills Garden treats not only tourists but also lovers seeking respite as well as suitable wedding reception venue in Metro Tagaytay. This Tagaytay property provides an air-conditioned function hall that can sit 200 visitors at a wedding reception.


Farm Hills Garden Tagaytay is tucked within lush gardens and beautiful landscapes allowing the property to become a haven of relaxation in this city.

Los Arboles

Los Arboles in Tagaytay City makes for an ideal respite and suitable wedding reception venue for lovers and soon-to-wed couples. This property in Tagaytay features a spacious function hall suitable for indoor wedding receptions for up to 500 guests.


Los Arboles Tagaytay is a sprawling estate of lush greenery and beautiful landscapes making it a picture worthy wedding reception venue in Metro Tagaytay.

Styling your dream Tagaytay wedding

Wedding themes reveal the style and taste of couples. This is one of the many reasons why Town's Delight The Caterer wants to make your dream wedding a reality. Here are some wedding themes that may help you in your wedding preparations.

Desert Fresh wedding theme in Tagaytay

Although Tagaytay is known for its verdant gardens and manicured landscapes, couples can still pull off a desert vibe with little creativity. Try to recreate a sandy atmosphere minus the sand by using ornaments that has hues of the desert. However, make use of bold colors as well to display contrast at your wedding reception venue.


Moroccan wedding theme in Tagaytay

Moroccan themes are ever trendy. For your wedding in Tagaytay, you can either go all out or keep it subtly simple.


California Chic wedding theme in Tagaytay

California chic weddings exude a fresh vibe yet elegant style. Feature winery ornaments, all-white decor and lush florals in creating this look.


Wanderlust wedding theme in Tagaytay

Wanderlust wedding are for couples who have each other as travel buddies. Go for this wedding theme inspiration if you have crossed out a lot of countries or places on your bucket list or even if you are still both planning to explore the world.


For a wanderlust wedding theme, travel-inspired decor is a must combined with picturesque scenery. The photos of a wanderlust wedding are sure to be picture perfect.

'70s Rock and Roll wedding theme in Tagaytay

For a '70s rock nd roll wedding theme, combine retro vibe and amplify it with rock and roll jam. This wedding styling creates an edgy look for stylish couples.


Tropical Grandeur wedding theme in Tagaytay

Tropical grandeur weddings are also known as Tropulence. This wedding theme features a grand and luxurious setup with a tropical twist. Make use of lush tropical ornaments and beautiful flowers together with gold accents and lavish fixtures.


Wedding Catering at Tagaytay

For the dining needs on your wedding, choose a catering service that will surely meet your expectations. Check out Town's Delight Catering & Events. They provide much attention even to the smallest detail just to ensure that your wedding will be one of the best days in your life.

Preparing an event can be a hassle, but weddings are always worth the effort as it marks the day of you and your loved one to a journey of a lifetime.



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