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Weddings in Tagaytay: Say "I do" in Tagaytay

Tagaytay in all its glory never goes out of style. It attracts visitors from all over the country as the city hosts a cool climate due to its elevated altitude. Tagaytay is home to lush greenery as well as picturesque views of Taal Volcano Island in Batangas from select spots in the city.

Moreover, Tagaytay makes for an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life in Manila.

Apart from being a classic tourist spot, weddings in Tagaytay are also sought after in this charming city. Lovers from different places easily fell in love with what this city can offer to make their wedding simply the best.

A lot of factors contribute to what make weddings in Tagaytay a dream event for soon-to-wed couples. The city is home to an array of dazzling wedding venues and reception areas that cater to every needs and wants of each couple seeking to tie the knot in the area.

To create a once in a lifetime wedding in Tagaytay, couples would have to pick a supplier for the wedding essentials: venue, reception, catering service, and event styling.

Wedding Venues and Reception in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is home to wedding venues and reception areas that are nestled within verdant flora and plush gardens.

Conducting a wedding in the midst of beautiful greenery helps maintain a cool vibe all throughout the event. Guests also have the luxury to take picture perfect moments of the bride and groom with the natural scenery as their backdrop.

Some of these properties are exclusive events places for different occasions like a dream Tagaytay wedding, while others also function as a hotel and a restaurant.

Among these many options in this opulent city are Narra Hill, Angelfields Nature Sanctuary, Taal Vista Hotel and Chateau Hestia.

Narra Hill

Narra Hill makes for a stunning wedding in Tagaytay. This Tagaytay wedding reception venue boasts a double height glass windowed pavilion overlooking the scenic Taal Lake. The pavilion itself can accommodate 200 visitors.


Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

Angelfields Nature Sanctuary is a 10-hectare property that features abundant flora and fauna. Couples can exchange their vows at the garden that has nearby lakes. This Tagaytay wedding venue can also cater receptions of up to 350 pax.


Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel hosts a variety of on-site wedding venues. This wedding reception venue in the heart of Tagaytay offers spaces that can cater small weddings with 30 guests up to large-sized events that has over 800 guests. The interiors at this Tagaytay wedding venue captivates soon to wed lovers with their contemporary interiors partnered with either tantalizing views of Taal Lake or of the mountain.


Chateau Hestia

Couples can hold intimate to medium-sized Tagaytay weddings at Chateau Hestia. This property that features rustic European ambiance has gardens suitable for wedding ceremonies with 40-50 guests. Its main dining venue that can accommodate 80 persons can be used as the reception for the big event. This Tagaytay wedding reception venue also offers a space that can hold 120 persons.


Catering Services and Event Styling in Tagaytay

Apart from utmost comfort and refreshing atmosphere brought by the choice of a Tagaytay wedding venue and reception, foods served as well as additional decorations are essential for this moment.

Gastronomic ideas for a wedding in Tagaytay

Foods served contributes a lot to the overall impression of guests at the wedding. It can either make or break the event that is why it is important to consider a lot of things regarding food choices.

For small to medium-sized receptions in Tagaytay with guests of less than 150 persons, couples can opt to have a buffet service. The buffet may consist of savory beef, chicken, pork or fish dishes. Steamed rice is also a staple in many Filipino buffets as well as a selection of desserts that may include chilled sweets, salads and rice cakes.

Larger wedding receptions in Tagaytay may have 250 guests and above. For this type of wedding reception setup, a sit-down service may be employed. In this arrangement, food will be served by the catering staff on each table of the guests. Usually served first is the appetizer or salad, followed by a soup, then the main course, and lastly a dessert. This is also referred to as "formal reception" or "formal dining" where kids are usually unhallowed.


Event Styling ideas for weddings in Tagaytay

Additional decorations are necessary in order to uplift the ambiance of an event especially a dream wedding in Tagaytay. Moreover, themed decor allows the guests to have a glimpse of the couple's appeal in aesthetics as well as personality. Decorations and themed styling also makes for a good storytelling device to allow guests to have a feel of the newly wed's love story.

There are lots of wedding themes one can choose from for a wedding in Tagaytay. Couples can opt for these theme fusions for their wedding: rustic vintage, modern minimalist, and elegantly formal.

Rustic vintage event styling in Tagaytay

A rustic event styling in Tagaytay calls for woody ornaments that may be self-made or vintage. Couples who call themselves as old souls consider rustic weddings as the theme highlights an old rural vibe. This event styling theme makes for a creative and artistic contrast especially in this 21st century society. Apart from wooden articles, couples can use string lights, mason jars, lace and strings for this event styling.


Modern minimalist event styling in Tagaytay

Weddings in Tagaytay that showcase sleek and clean designs are products of modern minimalist event styling. Less is definitely more with this type of theme as it features select design ornaments. Declutter the tables and backdrops and opt for plain designs with cool hues instead of prints and patterns. Geometric shapes and lines also contributes to the contemporary feel of the wedding in Tagaytay.


Elegantly formal event styling in Tagaytay

Elegantly formal weddings in Tagaytay demands for plush wedding ornaments which include elaborate flower arrangements and lighting articles. Couples can also utilize crystal and glass adornments in order to add to the general elegant ambiance of the event.


The ultimate caterer and event stylist in Tagaytay

With over 45 years of experience in the gastronomic and hospitality industry, Town's Delight makes for a perfect choice for a big wedding in Tagaytay. This catering service in Tagaytay offers a wide array of scrumptious dishes delicately crafted to satisfy every guest in a wedding. Each bite carves a memory within the palate and the mind, thus contributing to a wonderful wedding event and experience.

Town's Delight also offers elegant event styling that boosts the ambiance of the chosen wedding reception venue in Tagaytay. This wedding catering service and event stylist in Tagaytay can create rustic-themed events and minimalist-themed weddings among many options. Couples also have the liberty to choose their own theme for the event styling which opens doors to many possibilities for the overall look of the wedding.

Town's Delight offers wedding packages for easier planning for couples who have been wanting to create their dream wedding in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay has been a haven for couples who created the most memorable and momentous event of their lives. You and your better half can make your dream wedding in Tagaytay a reality any minute now.




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