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Your Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist

September 28, 2020

Your Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist

You two are finally engaged or have already doing formal talks to settle down! What now? It is time to begin planning the day when you two will begin to walk in life as one -- your wedding day.


With many tasks and things to consider, wedding planning seems to be a trivial task. However, laying out the tasks at hand according to priority can save you from most of the hassle. Having a detailed plan or checklist also makes wedding planning a breeze and an enjoyable activity as the couple journey to the day when they finally tie the knot.

Here is your ultimate wedding-planning checklist for your dream wedding in Tagaytay.

Identify Your Budget

Before you do anything, you first have to sit down and do the math on how much are you intending to shell out for the wedding. Identify how you would accumulate the funds since it will primarily fuel your wedding day on the day and prior to that because of the preparation.


Prioritize your expenses as well. It is important to allot your hard-earned money wisely and spend on something that you mutually are very much interested in (e.g. honeymoon or wedding reception).

You might also want to talk about how much would you need to start off your days as a married couple at this phase of the wedding planning.

Make A List Of Your Wedding Guests

This is one if not the most difficult part of the planning. If only you can please everyone and invite everyone, you would probably do it. However, you cannot since you also have to consider your budget and venue.

There is no one way in formulating your guest list, but you can consider who will be paying for the reception. After all, a large portion of your budget will go to the wedding reception.


If you and your partner are sharing the bill, it is customary that you will get 70 percent of the invites while your parents share the remaining 30 percent. However, if parents from both sides will contribute, every party will get one third of the invites.

But these are not the only things that need to be considered since in our culture as Filipinos we give high regard to almost everyone in our lives not to mention parents who would nag you to invite a kumare or kumpare on your wedding day.


In building your guest list, you can think of this essential question: Is this person important for both of us that we do not want him/her to miss our wedding? After all, your wedding has to be filled with people that matter to both of you.

Book Your Other Wedding Suppliers

Hire services that are essential for great Tagaytay weddings. Check out wedding expos and bridal fairs to find great deals from various wedding suppliers.


You may want to look for the following:

Church for your wedding ceremony

Venue for your reception

Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Event Stylist and Florist

Wedding Caterer

Photographer and Videographer

Cake Supplier

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

DJ/Live Band


Wedding Invitation Supplier

For your catering and event styling needs, be sure to book a brand that has always been trusted in Tagaytay. Choose Town's Delight. They are sure to deliver your dream wedding in Tagaytay.

Town's Delight Catering & Events ticks all the boxes on your checklist with their quality food and excellent service.

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