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What are Bridal Coffee Dates? Ft. The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay

April 07, 2021

Coffee dates are extremely popular due to the continuous popularity of coffee shops within Tagaytay City. Thinking of ways to bring you closer to your dream wedding without taking away that cup of coffee you'd always want to have, we then bring you the grandest Bridal Coffee Date specially tailored for your wedding in Tagaytay.


Bridal Coffee Dates are pioneered by Town's Delight Catering and Events, a catering service provider adept in Tagaytay weddings. With Bridal Coffee Dates, we are able to talk to you first hand. Town's Delight wedding stewards are very much knowledgeable to help you curate the wedding you've always wanted.


Food and styling does not have to be meticulous. We've done our assignments to make it easier for you to choose among which fits best for your desired venue.


Happening at The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay on October 27, 2019, this Bridal Coffee Date will take couples on a lovely date and have them savor the aromatic Amadeo specialty coffee and delectable pastries to boot. That means more time for couples to spend in Tagaytay.

Attending couples will be thrilled by the vast experience in Tagaytay destination weddings who will offer enticing service packages and promos. Plus, venue officers of the The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay will guide them through the event and make sure they get a sneak peek of the different venue options within their facilities.


Aside from being a desired break from work, weekends provide opportunities to do important personal stuff. This is particularly true of soon to weds as they attend to many concerns while preparing for their big day. So, the restful breaks can turn into busy weekends. Good thing the Bridal Coffee Date offers relaxing weekend moments to marrying couples as they move forward on their wedding preps stuff.

Town’s Delight Catering and Events – a local premium in Tagaytay wedding catering – pioneered the Coffee Date events in Tagaytay, and continues to find joy and pleasure in delighting soon-to-wed couples with unique dating experiences that add value to their wedding preparations.

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