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  • Machie’s 60th Birthday Celebration at Jardin Dela Vida by Town’s Delight

Machie’s 60th Birthday Celebration at Jardin Dela Vida by Town’s Delight

September 28, 2020

Jardin Dela Vida: Machie’s 60th Birthday Celebration | November 17, 2019

Milestone birthday is a significant turning point to every people, that’s why it should be celebrated with people who captured your heart and stayed with you along the journey. Part of celebrating milestone birthday is by making it memorable and fun like how Machie did it.

Machie celebrated her 60th birthday at the open space of Jardin Dela Vida with a theme of rustic. Flowers can also be seen everywhere! Walled greens, decorative bulbs, and hanging butterflies as lovely decors gave more unique and joy experience not only to Machie, but also to family and guests. Happiness never gone in her face as she saw how everything’s flow perfectly.

“Very nice set-up. Loved every detail. Everything exceeded my expectations. The staff were all professional and excellent in their craft.

Nikka Janina Onguda was very good and organized. I liked how she handled my event well. I commend her professionalism and efficiency.

Thank you to the whole Town’s Delight team for delivering excellent service. Highly recommendable indeed.”





Caterer: Town's Delight Catering & Events | Venue: Jardin Dela Vida

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