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Tagaytay Weddings That Won't Break The Bank

September 27, 2020

Tagaytay Weddings That Won't Break The Bank

Dreaming of a Tagaytay wedding is always a good idea. However, many people shun the idea because a Tagaytay wedding is often associated with sky rocket budget.


But come to think of this. With few tweaks and adjustments to your wedding plans, you can actually pull off a budget friendly wedding in Tagaytay.

More than half of the wedding budget goes to the reception. You can think of limiting the number of guests in order to cut expenses in catering and rental of events space. A hundred guests are a manageable wedding size thus allowing you to pull off an affordable Tagaytay wedding.

Check out these amazing Tagaytay wedding reception venues that are perfect for your intimate wedding.

Weddings at Patio Buendia in Tagaytay

Patio Buendia in Tagaytay welcomes couples and tourists to a tropical inspired haven. Have a whiff of fruity fragrances that surrounds the vicinity. This contemporary Zen-type farm resort in Tagaytay provides an indoor function hall and open garden that can accommodate up to 100 people.


Location: Amadeo, Cavite

Weddings at Cleeve Hills in Tagaytay

With breathtaking panoramic views of Tagaytay, Cleeve Hills makes for an ideal wedding reception venue. This property provides an outdoor wedding space that can cater up to 100 guests as well.


Location: Tagaytay, Cavite

Weddings at Black Roof in Tagaytay

Black Roof in Tagaytay invites visitors and soon-to-wed couples to its industrial-rustic themed pavilion. This property in Tagaytay is suitable for events and weddings with guests of up to 100 persons.


Location: Tagaytay, Cavite

Weddings at Auspere Nature Farm in Tagaytay

With several amenities apart from the wedding reception venue, Auspere Nature Farm in Tagaytay is a perfect venue for your big day. This property in Tagaytay is surrounded by lush greeneries and exquisite views of the forest and mountain. Auspere Nature Farm provides a spacious garden and outdoor pavilion that can sit wedding guests of up to 100 people.


Location: Silang, Cavite

Weddings at Amberfields Farmhouse in Tagaytay

Amberfields Farmhouse in Tagaytay is also a great option as to where to conduct your wedding. Surrounded by pineapple farm, this property in Tagaytay makes for a serene wedding reception venue. Amberfields Farmhouse Tagaytay has an open garden suitable for your wedding reception for up to 100 guests.


Location: Silang Cavite

Affordable Wedding Themes in Tagaytay

After considering the wedding reception venue, you have to think of how you would dress up the wedding space. The following are affordable yet dazzling wedding themes you can utilize on your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

Rustic weddings have become a trend during the past years and it is still flourishing. Flowers for a rustic wedding theme need not to be expensive. Burlaps, twines, and scraps of cloth can be used in styling the venue. After all, this trend tends to sway on the simpler side which makes the styling easier and thus cheaper.


Vintage Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

Vintage weddings are great especially if you know someone or you yourself own antiques or furniture related to the past. Look for antiquities such as tea cups, frames, vases or even sculptures to create vintage centerpieces. Utilize lace to decorate tables as well.


Holiday Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

If you will be doing your wedding during the yuletide season, why not utilize Christmas ornaments for your big day? Use Christmas trees, poinsettias, and other decors that evoke the holiday spirit.


Whimsical Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

Be playful with your decor and venue styling if you are thinking to pull off a whimsical wedding. Think of Alice in Wonderland meets Wizard of Oz but still thinking of laying low on the childish aspects of the look. Utilize pastel colors for your motif as well.


Bohemian Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

A bohemian wedding is all about following your personal tastes instead of pulling everything from a wedding catalog or magazine. Stray away from what is typical but lean towards what you think is offbeat yet suits your preferences. Try using succulents for greeneries and daisies for the flowers instead of the usual ornaments for centerpieces.


Delectable Wedding Buffet in Tagaytay

You do not have to shell out a large sum of money for a delectable wedding buffet. Town's Delight Catering & Events offers flexible wedding packages that will suit your budget and your expected number of guests. The catering service provides excellently crafted dishes that will surely delight your visitors.


Your dream wedding will not break the bank if you will make sound decisions prior the big day. Book the assistance of Town's Delight Catering & Events for your ideal wedding in Tagaytay.

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