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Weddings at Balai Taal by Town's Delight

April 07, 2021

Weddings at Balai Taal

Garden weddings are more trendy than ever. Weddings held at gardens often provides a peaceful and calming vibe not just to the couples exchanging their vows but also to their guests. Garden weddings also provides natural decor and elements that allows the couple to have a minimal setup for their wedding ceremony or reception.


If you are looking for great garden weddings from the south of Manila, you should check out Tagaytay. This charming city which is located within a few hour drive from the capital of the country has been hosting a lot of beautifully tended gardens suitable for special occasions and events especially weddings. The cool breeze that blows in Tagaytay together with its idyllic location on top of a mountain ridge allows it to become a home for great gardens for great weddings in the South.


One of these ideal garden wedding reception venues in Tagaytay is Balai Taal. Check out why Balai Taal in Tagaytay is an ideal choice for a wedding reception venue in the cool city of Tagaytay.

Tie The Knot At An Open Garden At Balai Taal In Tagaytay

Balai Taal in Tagaytay features a spacious open garden suitable for your wedding day. This property in Tagaytay opens to spectacular and breathtaking views of Taal Volcano Lake.


The open garden at Balai Taal Tagaytay exudes and elegant and calming ambiance making each visitor acquainted with the coolness of the city. This property can cater up to 200 guests making it a suitable wedding reception venue.

Ideal Wedding Themes At Balai Taal In Tagaytay

Finding a great wedding reception venue is just the first step in planning for a wedding. After booking a wedding venue in Tagaytay that you really love, you now have to select a wedding theme that would blend perfectly with your chosen venue.


Here are some wedding themes that would definitely go well with your lovely garden wedding at Balai Taal in Tagaytay.

Romantic Garden Wedding Theme At Balai Taal In Tagaytay

Highlight the beauty of your outdoor wedding with a romantic garden wedding theme. Fill your wedding reception venue with beautiful and colorful flowers.


The bride can also take inspiration from the venue by incorporating it to her wedding gown, say for example a floral lace or floral jewelry.

The groom, on the other hand, can be a little bit playful by incorporating the theme in his wardrobe. For starters, he can use a floral boutonniere or corsage.

Woodland Wonderland Wedding Theme At Balai Taal In Tagaytay

The woodland wonderland wedding theme is a fun twist to the popular rustic wedding theme. Instead of the usual woody items that you can buy from shops and online stores, try doing the pieces all by yourself. Make it all your own.


Create your own wood figurines and pieces which can serve as card holders or centerpieces for your guest tables. You can also turn these as your souvenir afterwards.

Wanderlust Couple Wedding Theme At Balai Taal In Tagaytay

Announce to the world that you will be going after great outdoor experiences after marriage with the wanderlust couple wedding theme. This travel wedding theme are suitable for backpacking and jet setting couples who would like to explore the world and go on trips and beautiful places together.


Antique suitcases, large travel baggage, big backpacks, globes, and maps make for great decors for this travel-inspired wedding theme. You can have a miniature version of the mentioned articles and make use of it as part of your centerpieces or a decoration to your guestbook table.

You can also feature the places and cities you've been to as well your photographs together by pinning them on the map of the world. Also, you can name your tables after cities and sites you have already visited. An around-the-world wedding cake would also look great for this wedding theme.

Wedding Catering At Balai Taal In Tagaytay

Welcome and thank your guests with great food on your wedding day. Tease their taste buds with some opening treats like deviled eggs with Truffled Sriracha-Mayo Dip or Crusted Meat Balls in Tangy Mango Salsa. You can also provide Rustic Breads with a choice of Herbed Cream Cheese Mousse or Spinach and Emulsified Cheese on the side.


For the main course, delight your visitors with scrumptious baked Pastel De Lengua Ala Cecilla with Puff Pastry Crust or let them have a plate of delectable Slow Roasted U.S Sirloin with Truffle Infused Demi-Glace and Roasted Herbed Potatoes.

Great Garden Weddings Need Expert Styling And Wedding Catering

Planning a wedding is not easy, but pulling off what was planned is another difficult story to unravel. Your wedding day is your big day that it would be better if you can leave the hustle and bustle to the experts who can make your special day truly remarkable. Town's Delight will surely make it remarkable and delightful.


Town's Delight Catering & Events is true to their vision and mission of providing excellent service to their wedding clients for over 40 years already. You can check out several testimonials of how Town's Delight has turned their special day into the best day they have had because of their elegant styling and wedding catering that suits their desire and needs.

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